April 19th, 2017 the “Underground DJ Khaled” more commonly known as ROJAS released the drop date of his debut project “Ravenous” which is going to be released May 17th 2017. Today the producer released his first track off his highly anticipated project, “Stay Lit” ft Tyla Yaweh, Donnie Purpp, and MaxP has hit the underground pipelines of Soundcloud and is beginning to hit the cellphones of everyone from trapstars to grandpas. Since his signing with Warner Bros Records the buzz behind his debut project has been louder then the smoke of what most of these rappers tend to carry around with them. After hearing the track myself I’ve learn that “driving in the coupe cost a grip” and I’m excited to see the reactions this gets in the clubs. Play ROJAS’ “Stay Lit” on soundcloud below, and make sure every DJ adds this to his Serato.

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