May 16th the day before Ravenous was set to drop Rojas without concern for his label wishes released “Ravenous” for the fans and blessed the net. Around 8pm EST Ravenous appeared on the soundcloud of the Warner Bros Underground DJ Khaled, setting aflame a series of reports from from top site like HypeBeast and DailyCheifers. The 15 track project is comprised of 15 high energy tracks featuring artists such as Warhol.SS, Yung Gleesh, Drayco McCoy, Steven Cannon, Insomniac Rarri, Donnie Purpp, David Haze and others; all who’ve been blowing up SoundCloud and YouTube’s underground circuits in recent years. There are high expectations for the “Look at Me” producers project. Do you think this project will match it’s hype? press play below and tell us what you think.

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