When a big wave hits your shore, you can either ride with it or get wiped out. Such was the case when Shoreline Mafia pulls up at MASS APPEAL HQ. So we rode with it. “You ain’t the wave we ain’t fuckin’ with you,” declare Ohgeesy, Fenix, Master Kato, and Rob Vicious. “Your bitch ass gonna drown for sure. Cause you can’t get on this boat!” Starting back in 2012 as a graf crew, Shoreline Mafia is a street movement that only recently expanded into music. These four members have been terrorizing the rap world since they dropped ‘Shoreline Do That Shit’ featuring fan favorites like “Musty,” “Codeine Bryant” and “Bottle Service.” “We ain’t never made no rap money,” they state proudly. “And we ain’t never fucked with no rap niggas. We did this shit by ourselves.” Part of their musical come-up may be attributed to negative publicity they received from a local Fox news TV segment about lean. “First off, fuck Fox,” they state with hearty laughs. “Off top!” Apparently the station was reporting on the prevalence of young lean abusers, and many of the kids were Shoreline fans. “They was like, Let us interview you,” Fenix recalls. “So we can talk about all the lean and shit.” They turned down the interview but a segment came out anyway, attempting to demonize the group and blame them for starting the lean wave. Shoreline sampled the segment on their song “Bottle Service” and included clips in the music video. “The whole little Fox shit sounded perfect on the mixtape too,” they say with a laugh. Check out the latest edition of Open Space to find out about the Mafia’s roots in the L.A. graf scene, how they promoted their “epic” Rolling Loud set, and to learn about their varieties of lean, and the best soda pairings. As Ogheesy puts it, “We the culture fool!”

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